A Sea Run Cutthroat Fly Fishing Guide Service - Seattle, Washington

Fall 2012


Fall is finally here! The rains are coming and we are all gearing up for the best fishing Washington has to offer.  There are so many options to explore but the hidden cutthroat fishery continues to be fantastic.

North Sound: Coastal Cutthroat will start heading up the rivers in the north sound making it a bit tougher to have multiple fish days but the fish you do catch will lean towards the larger side. Fishing close to river mouths/estuaries will prove to be the most productive.

Key Flies: Chartreuse Clouser, Pin Head, B.H. Raccoon

Middle Sound: The Seattle area fishes well this time of year. You get a mix of fish heading up streams and fish that hang out in the sound longer. Cover beaches and lots of them.

Key Flies: Mini Gurgler, Baitfish Minnow Shad, Crazy Charlie White

South Sound: The South Sound is where you will find the most productive fishing thought the fall and winter months. Fish spend more time in the salt here and feed like crazy before heading up smaller streams to spawn in the early spring. Eel grass is dying off and is providing less structure for cutthroat to hide in. So, look for structure, depressions and anything where are fish may hide.

We are currently guiding the south sound and will continue to do so through May. Hands down there are more fish and they tend to be larger due to their aggressive feeding nature.

Key Flies: Baitfish Minnow, Orange Bastard, Orange Fly Wings

We want to thank everyone for the best summer we have ever had. The fish were cooperating and the company was great.

Seaplane trips are in full swing. Last Friday was an epic day with a local fly club. 20 fish were caught and the fireball was flowing. Thanks guys.

Ben Zander

Owner+Head Guide