A Sea Run Cutthroat Fly Fishing Guide Service - Seattle, Washington

Fall 2016 & 10 Years!


We are ten years old. It’s cool to look back on all the people we have guided and how much we have learned in that amount of time. It’s you, the client or fellow fishing friend who has kept us going. As a thank you we will be running a promotion over the holidays. Stay tuned!

We have kept it secret for a while now but its time you all know. We have incorporated a push pole into our game. This is hands down the most effective way to fish for cutthroat in the salt. With zero sound and the ability to maneuver around grass and other structure we can get to the fish in a more efficient way than ever before. As of right now we are the only guide service offering this experience, it’s going to catch on though because it’s a lot of fun!

As for the fishing, its bonkers when the weather cooperates. It’s been a rainy October and looks as if we are going to have a wet winter. South Sound is best. For ten years, we have been preaching ORANGE baitfish patterns. If you have not tried this yet get one here or tie something up yourself.

If you are fishing this winter, we would like to challenge you to fish over both grass and rocks. Take note of your success and look at the numbers you found vs the two.

Lingcod on the fly is something every Puget Sound angler should try during the season (May 1 – June 15). We do not run full lingcod days on the sound, rather a few hours in the morning and afternoon. If you are interested in chucking a 10 weight this year, please inquire now as we pre-book the season.

Again, look for some cool stuff out of us this winter including the big promotions to be released around Thanksgiving.

Capt. Ben