A Sea Run Cutthroat Fly Fishing Guide Service - Seattle, Washington

March Report and New Website


March for Sound Fly Fishing signifies two important things. First, it the launch of our cool new website. Peter, who works with us at Pacific Fly Fishers, is a web guru. We hope you like the new lay out as much as we do. We find it very important to keep a fresh look and always try to provide a site that is easy to navigate allows you to explore our services and pictures.

The second item of note is the outward migration of salmon smolt, beginning now. Pink salmon smolt are heading out of the streams and rivers, which means the lingering cutthroat in Puget Sound will be picking up a few of these small fish. As we get closer to spring, the chum salmon smolt will work their way out of the rivers and the cutthroat that are currently upstream will follow them out and mow them down.

We really like this time of year. The weather is a bit unpredictable, and there may not be as many fish in the Sound, but the ones you catch will be on the bigger side. It’s more about covering lots of water and hunting for fish. We find it extremely enjoyable.

Seaplane trip booking is in full swing and summer is filling up fast again, as is September. Please give us a shout if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing you on the water this year.

Ben Zander