A Sea Run Cutthroat Fly Fishing Guide Service - Seattle, Washington

Mid Summer 2015


A slow spring, which lead to a slower than usual beginning of summer has given way to outstanding fishing as of late. We are seeing the numbers and size fish we are used to in May. Tons of baitfish are present for the cutthroat to be munching on right now and fish crashing bait balls on top water is one of the coolest things you can see in Puget Sound, although we are a bit biased. One thing to keep in mind is shade. Cutthroat love darkness and we are always hunting for the most vegetation filled depressions we can find. It’s sunny out so keep looking for dark structure in the water.

We are gearing up for a pretty epic pink salmon year. We usually run salmon trips as part of a cutthroat day. However, if you are interested in just salmon fishing let us know. Getting on the water EARLY is key. While pink salmon are a ton of fun to catch and numbers can be high, coho are our favorite salmon in Puget Sound to chase. The jumps, leaps, pulls, and head shakes are hard to forget. Coho will enter any day now and be around in the salt until early October. We will see what happens to our salmon run this year as the rivers are incredibly low right now. We may have an 13 week coho season in the sound. Please keep in mind that we are strictly catch and release on all fish. If you are looking to take fish home or fish out of a boat we can point you in the right direction with an excellent charter boat.

Our July is booked with a few spots remaining in August. It’s a good idea to book early knowing that the salmon are on the way.