A Sea Run Cutthroat Fly Fishing Guide Service - Seattle, Washington


Beach Trip

Walk and wade the many beaches of Puget Sound. December - March we target sea-run cutthroat on foot.

Boat Trip

The perfect coastal cutthroat experience.

Trout fishing in Puget Sound?

From the aggressive takes and acrobatic leaps, the Puget Sound offers a fantastic trout fishery for coastal cutthroat.

The coastal cutthroat, harvest trout or sea run cutthroat are available to Puget Sound anglers year round. Sea run cutthroat spend more of their lives in the salt than in the river, only heading upstream to spawn in early fall in the north sound and later in the year in the south Sound. Cutthroat tend to stay close to their native streams and hardly ever venture to water deeper than 20 feet, thus making them an ideal sport fish to beach anglers in the Seattle area and beyond. Fish will range in size throughout the year with winter months leaning to the larger side and the summer months having a mix of smaller and larger fish.  Sea run cutthroat enjoy a diet of baitfish, crustaceans and shrimp all of which are matched by Sound Fly Fishing’s hand tied flies. Not only do we guide for this fish, we also do everything we can, be it attending conservation meetings or preaching the word of careful handling methods, to protect each and every cutthroat in Puget Sound.

General Information

Where are we going to fish?

From Gig Harbor to Bellingham, your guide has up-to-date fishing conditions and will take you to the most productive fishery at the time. If you have a particular area you would like to fish, please feel free to ask.

What do I need to bring?

Each angler is provided flies, leader, tippet, stripping basket, and bottled water. Available for use: salt water rod, reel, fly line Each angler will be responsible for a valid Washington State salt water fishing license, waders, boots, lunch, camera and any personal gear.

What if I don't have waders and boots?

We work very closely with Pacific Fly Fishers in Mill Creek, Washington. It is a full service fly shop where you can find anything you need. 

What is the refund policy?

We need seven days notice prior to trip date to receive a full refund of deposit. With fewer than 7 days notice there is no refund.

Does weather ever cancel my trip?

Sometimes the beaches around Puget Sound can be un-fishable due to high winds and extreme tides. Your guide will make the decision the evening before or that morning and you will have the option to reschedule or receive a refund

Where can I buy a fishing license?

Washington State Fishing license's can be bought online via WDFW website